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What is the CE Marking?

CE Marking (European Conformity) is a form of certification which has to be adopted by the organisations which reflect health, safety and the various environmental protection standards for all the products which are sold within the geographical area of EEA (European Economic Area). However, there are times when CE Marking is found on various products which are sold outside the European Economic Area. These products are those which have been manufactured to designed to be sold in this area.

Due to this, the CE Marking is recognized worldwide and known not just to people who live in that area but also to people who don’t belong to that area.

Basically, the CE Marking is the declaration and the confirmation of the manufacturer that the products produced in accordance with the guidelines and meets the requirements of the EC directives. Once the products have been checked a marked has been imbibed. The mark consists of a CE logo and also sometimes a four-digit number used for identification of the notified body.

Rules under the CE Marking.

The CE Marking responsibilities lies with anyone who puts the product out in the market in an either EU based manufacturer, exporter, importer, distributor. Any importer of the product has to properly verify that any manufacturer which is outside the EU has gone through the guidelines and taken necessary steps. Also, the documentation needs to be taken care of and shall be available whenever needed. Distributors also should adhere to the national authorities for acting with proper care and shall follow all the guidelines.

Why Iso  Ascent Lanka?

We are a group of professional experts who have helped various organisations to set up their standards and get the relevant certifications. We offer a simple yet effective set up to our customers who range from goods and services companies, technology companies, health care companies to financial service companies.

With us make this entire process smooth and efficient.

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