Auditing & Inspection

In order to understand the potential of a process area, every organisation at some point in time needs an expert view about the process being followed by them. This is usually done by the individual auditor niche in the area of the inspection. Audit is generally carried out to confirm the compliance, whether the expected standards are adhered and if there is any opportunity for improvement.

The audit teams believe in delivering the value to your organisation. The services offered by our audit team includes:

  • Internal Audits: As soon as the organisation gets certified by any of the ISO Standard certification, they need to regularly check their compliance to the required standards. Many of the organisations need the competent auditors who can drive improvements and bring knowledge about the best practices. We send our auditors based on the business environment to ensure that the value is driven from the auditor to the organisation.
  • Supplier Audits: Most of the companies take raw materials from a third part organisations which is the backbone of the product they make. To ensure the quality and compliance of the material being used to make the product, most of the organisation want the auditors to visit their suppliers and audit the processes in terms of quality and compliance. Our supplier specialist auditors provide comprehensive report on the completion of the report.
  • Information System Audit: In this era of technology, organisations have exposed a lot of dependency on IT Systems. Having said that, it exposes a lot of threats to the organisation both internally and externally. The governing bodies have also realised the impact of such vulnerabilities. Time to time many organisations seek help from the compliant auditor to know if their information systems are secure. We at, Ascent Inspecta have qualified auditors that audits conforming the requirements of the frameworks like HIPAA, UK Data Protection Act (DPA), etc as per customer’s specification.
  • Gap Analysis Audit: We at, Ascent Inspecta conduct the Gap Analysis Audits that results in finding out the areas where your organization needs to work on before the certification. It helps to find out, how aligned is your management standards to the expectations of the certifications. The Gap Analysis Audit is designed based on the certification the organization is trying to achieve. The auditor team will document the systems and processes that needs alterations. The report will include the necessary steps that needs to be taken in order to meet the certification standards.