ISO 22301


ISO 22301 (Business continuity management system certification)

Published in May 2012, ISO 22301, ISO 22301 is recognized by International management system for business continuity. It is important for a business to have a proper plan of business continuity to ensure its survival in the world. This International standard illustrates measures to protect your business and help it flourish for long term period. ISO 23001 directs organizations to take steps to protect their business from unexpected equipment failure, power cut, industrial dysfunction or natural disaster. It confirms that the organization is not prone to disruption and can recover as quick and steadily as possible.

Requirements of ISO 22301

  • Assessment of risk – Assessment of risk is the first and most important requirement of ISO 22301. This accounts to detect upcoming risks and disruption an organization could face.
  • Planning – Planning is a process without which an organization can never attain its objective. An organization without a plan is not an organization. Planning of protection and prevention comprises of a significant place in requirements of ISO 22301.
  • Operation – Operation is another necessary process to attain ISO 22301. The goal of ISO 22301 remains unachieved without proper operation of the plan.
  • Documental control – An organization requires proper documentation control to be accepted and given conformity of ISO 22301
  • Continual Improvement - Survival is only possible with unremitting improvement. Thus, continual improvement counts to be an irreplaceable process in the achievement of ISO 22301.

Business Impact Analysis

It’s almost impossible to plan for every disruptive event that could occur, so we use Business Impact Analysis as a tool to identify the important products/services your business needs to deliver to customers, and their activities and processes which support the delivery of those products/services. As recommended in the BCI Good Practice Guide, we can help you assess this on a Strategic, Tactical and Operational level, to ensure business continuity is effective for your needs and embedded across the whole organisation.

Benefits of ISO 22301

  • Protects your financial income and assets by preventing foreseen destructions and losses.
  • Increases competitive advantage and credibility of International stature against other organizations.
  • Reduces cost of tender.
  • Entrusts trust in stakeholders regarding the resilience of your organizations.
  • Product performance is promoted to meet ISO 22301 standard.
  • Helps establish appropriate systems to control manpower systematically and monitor their performances.
  • Mandates continuous monitoring & measurement of the processes that prevents unintended derailments.

ISO have adopted process approach which follows PDCA act (Plan – Do – Check – Act) cycle which brings in a drive for continued perfection in the process of organization.

Problems faced in ISO 23001

  • The main dilemma in ISO 23001 is accessing the difference between ISO 22301 and BS 25999.
  • Forming practical plan is a huge drawback for an organization as it is a complicated process and requires specialized knowledge.
  • Organizations face problems in auditing due to lack of proper knowledge, training and required competence to interpret the requirements of the standard.
  • Half knowledge is fatal. The absence of complete knowledge regarding ISO 22301 conformity and determining a suitable system, can land you in big trouble along with a huge amount of bills and expenditure.
  • Lack of confidence, competitive spirit, motivation and commitment in employees results in non – achievement of the desired result of attaining ISO 22301.
  • Organizations may be trying their best, but still failing to reap the results. What they aren't aware of is that they may not be having adequate resources with them or appropriate management solutions.
  • Auditing, Training and improving quality can cost you more than you can input, which makes most of the organization to step out of the process.
  • Unprofessional and incorrect offers given by Consultants that display a very wide range of pricing. This creates confusion and hampers the Consultant selection process.
  • The possibility that the Consultant guides through, and emphasizes on massive documentation which the organization cannot handle, and somehow aren't the mandatory requirement of the international standard too.
  • Selection of a certification body that does not bear or maintain enough credibility, resulting in loss of accreditation.

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