ISO 22000

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is a global standard for food safety management system designed for the entire food supply chain, covering culture, production, processing, packaging, transportation and sales. It also extends to suppliers of non-food products and services, such as manufacturers of cleaning products and equipment, for organizations of all sizes. ISO 22000 specifies requirements for food safety management systems, involving information exchange, system management, prerequisite programs (PRP), and complements the principles of the HACCP system.

Why is ISO 22000 important for your organization?

ISO 22000 is recognized by the global food supply chain and ISO 22000 certification is a way to become a preferred supplier. ISO 22000 certification can prove to the public your commitment to food safety. It is based on the most advanced best practices and aims to:

  • Building stakeholder confidence
  • Identify, mannage and reduce risks to food security
  • Reduce or eliminate product recalls and disputes
  • Protect the reputation of the brand

ISO 22000 is compatible with other ISO management system standards, which allows you to easily integrate food safety management with quality (ISO 9001), the environment (ISO 14001) or health and safety, workplace safety (OHSAS 18001).

In addition, it can be used in conjunction with industry-specific prerequisite program specifications, such as ISO / TS 22002-1 (formerly PAS 220) or PAS 223, as a reference for the FSSC 22000. ISO 22000

Benefits of providing ISO 22000 services by ASCENT INSPECTA

The ASCENT INSPECTA provided assistance for the development of the ISO 22000 standard. Our in-depth understanding of the ISO 22000 standard has allowed us to bring real benefits to our customers through ASCENT INSPECTA's unique Commercial Insurance Review methodology. . This ensures that we focus on the areas or issues that are important to your business. Our auditors are experts in the food industry who understand the needs of your business and can perform effective and efficient audits of your system.


Advantages of the ISO 22000


The main benefits that an organization can achieve through better implementation of a food safety management system based on ISO 22000: 2005 are:




Integrate and improve the internal process necessary to consistently deliver healthy foods

  • Confirm with the organization and management team that the organization's practices and procedures are appropriate, effective and robust
  • Convince customers and stakeholders (through the ISO 22000 certification process) that organizations have the capacity to manage food safety risks and provide safe products
  • Provide a means of continuous improvement so that the food safety management system is reviewed, updated and all food safety activities are constantly optimized and effective.
  • Ensure adequate control at all stages of the food supply chain to prevent food security related disasters.

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