ISO 10001:2007

What is ISO 10001?

ISO 10001 Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Codes of Conduct for Organizations

ISO 10001 provides guidance for determining customer needs and expectation, improving customer communication and reducing customer complaints. It applies to external customers only and can be used by any organization no matter the industry. ISO 10001 also includes examples of codes of conduct and provides specific instruction for small businesses. It does not include any requirements and cannot be used for certification or for contractual purposes.

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ISO 10001 customer satisfaction management system & implementation with the consultants and experts of Ascent not only pledges 100% successful ISO 10001 certification but also mends process performance and business operations.

We offer onsite and online consultation services for ISO 10001 certification. Our customers have been utilizing our services not only for initial certification consultation, but also for post certification consultation, to ensure that we regularly add value to their business processes and quality standardization initiatives.

The paramount benefit that an organization gets out of ISO 10001 is improvement in business process control through process standardization. No matter what benefits you are looking for from ISO 10001certification, we will make sure that your organization benefits from ISO 10001 implementation and certification.

Transparent System - You can post your process so your clients see that you have an open, effective and easy-to-use complaints process.

Customer Retention

By adopting the management system, your ability to retain the loyalty of your customers will be enhanced.

Operational efficiency

Implementation and certification ensures a consistent approach to handling customer queries, enabling you to identify trends and eliminate the causes of complaints, as well as improve your organization’s operations.

Auditable System - Complaint management system is auditable to check that the requirements are being followed.

Improved Efficiency - Complaint management system is auditable to check that the requirements are being followed.

Improved internal communications and relations

It helps you adopt a customer-focused approach to resolving complaints and encourage personnel to improve their skills in working with customers.

Better Relationship - System helps to adopt a customer-focused approach to handle, analyse and review complaints

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