ISO 10500:2012


Water is one of the most important resources needed to survive. There have been various 5-year plans which have been released for the betterment of the society. One of them was the 11th five-year plan which was during 2007-2012, there were approximately 2.17 lakh people recorded who have been severely affected due to the quality of the water. There has been an excessive amount of iron quantity in the water along with this, even excess of fluoride, salinity, nitrate and arsenic in that order.

Adding on the research, around 10 lakh Million cases have been reported of diarrhoea, 8 lakh cases of typhoid which is considered as a major water bone disease, and around 2 lakh cases of hepatitis where a majority of the cases are contributed towards dirty and infectious water. The 11th five-year plan was entirely dedicated to recognising the issue with clear and sanitised water amongst the people. The plan primarily aims at improving water quality through community awareness and active participation.

Keeping the water problem in mind, the international standards introduced ISO 10500:2012 certification which aims at upgrading the standard requirements and align all the prescribed standard with the international standards on the quality of the water i.e. drinking water. The ISO 10500 states to emphasise on the quality of the drinking water by keeping a proper check. Greater emphasis has been laid on laboratories for testing the water quality which consists of the qualified manpower and proper chemicals to carry on the check.


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