What is SEDEX?

SEDEX is considered as the largest platform which is extremely collaborative in nature. It is considered as a huge platform in the world of buyers, sellers and auditors who have the accessibility to store, share and report and information way more quickly without putting the efforts.

As a platform which allows sharing of the ethical supply chain data, SEDEX is considered as a very innovative supply chain management solutions which immensely helps in various things, the core ones are:

ISO 18606:2013 does not offer guidelines regarding the biodegradability prerequisites for used packaging that becomes litter in the soil environment. This omission is due to the fact that littering is not recognized as a recovery method. Additionally, the standard does not extend to the biological treatment carried out in minor installations by individual households.

  • Reducing all the risks
  • Protects the companies reputation
  • Improves the practices of the supply chain

The primary two aims of SEDEX are as follows:

  • To remove a few responsibilities from the shoulders of the suppliers. Basically, go a little easy and ease the burden on the shoulders of the suppliers. Especially those suppliers who face an increasingly high amount of audit, certifications and questionnaires. etc.
  • To make a plan which drastically helps in the improvement in the ethical practices of the supply chains globally.

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