ISO 55001:2014 (Asset Management)

Ascent Inspecta, is proving to be one of the most reputed ISO 55001:2014 consulting organization in India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bahrain and is exponentially expanding worldwide to cater the needs of different businesses regarding consultancy and advisory. Our vision includes transforming the businesses based on our knowledge. The team at Ascent Inspecta strongly follows the vision of transforming the knowledge into success to the organization we cater.

Overall, we provide services for the following service areas:

  • ISO Advisory
  • Management Consulting
  • Audits and Inspection
  • Training Services
  • Registration

Over the years, ‘Customer Service’ for ISO 55001:2014 has been an integral part of our business. To seamlessly achieve customer satisfaction, the company has engaged highly qualified and skilled professionals for ISO 55001:2014.

The management at Ascent Inspecta believes that strong leadership and up to date knowledge is the key for our company’s success. The company has invested very heavily on the human capital which are technically competent for ISO 55001:2014 certification consulting process. The constant support to these consultant/auditors/trainers is provided in terms of regular exposure to the updated knowledge source for ISO 55001:2014 that empowers their skills and abilities.

The most imperative step taken by businesses at the start of the process for attaining the ISO 55001:2014 Certification is to shake hands with a reliable consulting company. The company that should not only execute the process of the ISO 55001:2014 certification, perhaps gives you the most reliable team for taking utmost case of the management standards. The team with the in-depth knowledge if so vital, that if the team lacks the expertise, majority of the ISO 55001:2014 Certifications projects end up as a waste of resources.

We at Ascent Inspecta, ensure that the businesses engaging us gets the value for their partnership with us. Here are the services that we offer to our valued customers:

  • Customised Design Plan for ISO 55001:2014 Certification
  • Affordable Consulting Price
  • Team Including Training Experts
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Post ISO 55001:2014 certification Services

What is ISO 55001?

ISO 55001:2014 is an internationally accepted standard which is used for asset management. The certification reflects the specific standard for asset management system and helps at every step throughout the life cycle of the assets management system.

Who can implement ISO 55001:2014?

Organisations having difficulties in maintaining, implementing and improving their assets should implement the ISO 55001:2014. This can also be implemented by the business that provides services based on their assets. This also helps the management to legally comply and conform to the regulatory bodies.

What are the benefits of implementing ISO 55001:2014?

  • Introduces the best standard to manage the assets within the organisation
  • Helps to mitigate the risk related to the assets
  • Helps the management to legally comply for their assets and its related services
  • Supports the organisation to conform to the regulatory bodies
  • Improves the business growth and helps perform better financially

ISO 55001:2014 Training

We provide both public and in-house training for any organisation implementing or assessing the ISO 55001:2014.


What do we offer for ISO 55001:2014 Certification for your organization?

We at Ascent Inspecta, enables the organisation to get certification to various ISO 55001:2014 Standards by providing them the comprehensive bundle of services including the consultation, training and the final implementation.

The organisation connecting with us might be at any stage of the certification, early, mid-way or at the later stages of the process. The team at Ascent Inspecta, surely adds value to the overall ISO 55001:2014 management system. The implementation services including the documentation assistance, gap analysis, training, implementation hand holding and ensuring that the certification is achieved. The auditing services post ISO 55001:2014 certification is also available to ensure that continuous growth is achieve by the organisation.

We at, Ascent Inspecta constantly help such companies/providers to implement the standard into their business processes and gets certified.

How does it work?

Analysing the Operating Environment

The team at Ascent Inspecta, initially analyses the client’s environment where they operate. The detailed analysis is done which results in the concrete finding which helps us know how complaint the customer is and which are the areas we need to put work in. This clearly defines the approach needed.

Deploying the System

Based on the findings of the initial stage, the team tailors and deploys the system that potentially works on the grey areas where the improvement is needed.


Once the deployment of the system happens, we monitor the environment using our audit methodology to find out any gaps. The corrective measures are taken where ever required.

Get Certified

Once the process gets to the level of desired performance, we start the process of achieving the certification. The hand holding is done through the audit process. The consulting teams provides the necessary support to the client till the time the certificate is acquired.

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