ISO 39001:2012 (Road Traffic Safety Management)

Road traffic has always been an issue globally. If we ask ourselves, each one of us has sometimes or the other broke traffic rules. Each one of us has had some sort of a mishap while travelling on the roads. Road Safety is a big concern and due to this ISO 39001:2012 was introduced.

What is ISO 39001:2012?

ISO 39001:2012 specifies all the requirements for the road traffic safety (RTS) system of management which enables an organization to effectively interact with the road traffic system and plan to reduce deaths and the injuries which are all related to road traffic.

There are a few basic requirements of ISO 39001:2012 such as:

  • Introduction, development and implementation of appropriate Policies for RTS. This includes framing of proper objectives of the RTS and the action plans which is needed to take to bring out a change.
  • All the information which is related to the organization which identifies which can be in control and which can influence the action plan

Why is ISO 39001: 2012 important?

  • Preventing deaths and major injuries: It provides action plans to reduce the serious injuries on the road. Organisations play an important role in improving these road safety standards in all low and middle high-income countries.
  • Addresses on the Safety Risk: The standard helps in making a plan which helps in reduction of injuries at the occupational level. Road traffic has to lead to a number of work-related death and the number is just increasing.

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