ISO 18606:2013

ISO 18606 establishes the connections between various ISO standards that address the environmental consequences of packaging across its entire lifecycle. These standards play a crucial role in determining the potential for enhancing the chosen packaging and whether adjustments are necessary to enable its effective reusability or recovery post-consumption.

What is ISO 18606:2013?

ISO 18606:2013 outlines the necessary processes and criteria for packaging to be deemed appropriate for organic recycling. Packaging can be classified as eligible for organic recycling only when each of its components fulfills the specified criteria.

ISO 18606:2013 does not offer guidelines regarding the biodegradability prerequisites for used packaging that becomes litter in the soil environment. This omission is due to the fact that littering is not recognized as a recovery method. Additionally, the standard does not extend to the biological treatment carried out in minor installations by individual households.


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