ISO 20252:2014 (For Market, Opinion and Social Research)

What is ISO 20252:2014

ISO 20252 is an international standard that specifies requirements for market, opinion, and social research. It provides guidelines for organizations conducting these types of research to ensure quality, transparency, and consistency in their processes. ISO 20252 certification demonstrates that a research organization follows the best practices outlined in the standard.

Key aspects covered by ISO 20252 include:

  • Management and Organization: This section covers aspects related to the organization's management structure, responsibilities, and commitment to quality.
  • Research Design and Development: ISO 20252 focuses on the planning and design of research projects, including defining objectives, target populations, and methodologies.
  • Data Collection: The standard outlines procedures for data collection, covering topics such as sampling, questionnaire design, and data validation.
  • Data Processing: ISO 20252 provides guidelines for data processing, including data coding, data entry, and data cleaning.
  • Analysis and Reporting: This section addresses the analysis of research data and the generation of meaningful insights and reports for clients.
  • Subcontracting and Suppliers: ISO 20252 covers the management of relationships with subcontractors and suppliers involved in the research process.
  • Confidentiality and Security: The standard emphasizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of research data and information.
  • Ethical Considerations: ISO 20252 includes guidelines for ensuring ethical practices in research, such as obtaining informed consent and protecting participants' rights.

Achieving ISO 20252 certification involves a comprehensive assessment of the organization's processes, documentation, and adherence to the standard's requirements. This certification can be obtained through an accredited certification body that specializes in auditing and certifying organizations for compliance with ISO standards.

ISO 20252 certification can offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved Credibility: Certification demonstrates a commitment to quality and professionalism in conducting research, enhancing the organization's credibility in the industry.
  • Consistency: Following ISO 20252 helps ensure consistency in research practices, leading to reliable and comparable results over time.
  • Client Confidence: Clients are more likely to trust organizations that are ISO 20252 certified, as it indicates a dedication to delivering high-quality research.
  • Process Efficiency: Adhering to standardized processes outlined in ISO 20252 can lead to increased efficiency and reduced errors in research operations.
  • Global Recognition: ISO standards are internationally recognized, allowing certified organizations to showcase their commitment to quality on a global scale.

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