ISO 20000:2011

What is ISO 20000:2011?

ISO 37210:2014 is a certification which was introduced for the purpose of sustainable development of all the communities as indicators for the service of the city and the quality of life.

ISO 37210 has a set of standard indicators for the major two parameters, which are:

ISO 20000 which was approved in 2005 and was revised in 2011. The main purpose of the ISO 20000 is needed IT Service Management (ITSM) which is a standard provision to be used for IT services. Various IT service providers go through the ISO 20000 certification as all these companies have to Provide evidence that they are complying with the standards of the IT Industry.

The reason why ISO 20000 is so important is that the IT sector has been advancing day by day. To match the business transactions and support the business processes. Although the IT department no longer has a monopoly over the business transactions it plays an important role in linking between functional and IT departments as customer relations are important and are subject to the market conditions. Because of this both the IT departments, IT providers have to keep the two aspects which are costs and performance of both intact together.

The advantages and objectives of ISO 20000:

  • Helps in Trading Off between quality and cost: Companies cannot achieve their targets without trading off properly within these two articles. With a tremendous amount of competition and cost- cutting there is always a conflict between the IT quality and IT objectives. ISO 20000 helps in barring that conflict.
  • Helps is Customer Focus: IT companies with the help of ISO 20000 help to carry on the process which is very customer friendly and not very technical. Hence, the potential customers of IT services shall be tapped and identify their needs and accordingly the processing has to be analysed.

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