What is GMP?

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are a few practices which are necessarily required to adhere to guidelines which have been prescribed and recommended by the authorised agencies which control the licensing of the manufacture and sale of these products such as food, beverages, cosmetics, medical products, dietary products, pharm products etc. GMP provides some basic and minimum guidelines which a manufactures needs to follow to give an assurance to the companies and the customers that the product he is manufacturing is of consistently high quality during the usage. However, the guidelines and rules may differ from industry to industry but the main purpose and idea of GMP will remain the same which is to avoid any sort of harm from occurring to the final customer.

The guidelines which have been set follow some basic principles such as:

  • It is mandatory for the manufacturing units to maintain and keep the are clean where they are manufacturing the products to avoid any sort of health issues to the final customers.
  • The process of the manufacturing units must be properly controlled. In case of any changes, the changes should be properly assessed and evaluated. Changes only which are needed and useful shall be allowed.
  • The distribution of the product needs to be checked properly. During the distribution the products should not be spoilt and the quality should not be affected.
  • There should be a proper record maintained for sale of the supply which can easily be checked and analysed.



Why Ascent Inspecta?

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