ISO 10015:1999

About ISO 10015:1999

Quality does plan a very important role in our day to day lives. In the competitive world, we are living in, organizations cannot compromise on the quality at all. The ultimate goal of any organization is to provide continuous improvement by keeping the quality intact. For the same purpose, the ISO 10015:1999 was introduced.

What is ISO 10015:1999?

ISO 10015:1999 provides all the organization with a basic layout to carry with the learning and development which forms as an important part of an organization.

Here are the procedures followed by the standard:

  • Analysing the need for improvement: The first step is to analyse that there is a problem and that there is room for improvement. The ISO 10015:1999 helps to recognize the need and effectively analysis the needs of the organization.
  • Training Needs: Generally, all the needs at the end boil down to training. Training and development is a one-stop solution to almost every problem. The ISO 10015:1999 lays down all the rules, regulations and proper standards which are common to every organization. All organizations in their day to day working also try and use these standards for a smoother flow of working.

  • The international standard helps in providing the training needs, helps in evaluating the problems, improve the existing training processes to achieve the final objectives.


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