ISO 20121:2012

What is ISO 20121: 2012

The ISO 20121: 2012 has been initiated by the international standard team to clearly specify the requirements for the purpose of an event sustainability management system for any and every type of event and also provide proper guidance to all the requirements.

The ISO 20121: 2012 standards are applicable to any and every organisation that wants to:

  • Introduce, establish maintain or bring changes to the event sustainability management system.
  • To ensure and keep a check that the ISO standard is in full conformity with the policies stated for the sustainable management system.
  • Publish and voluntary conformity with ISO 20121:2012 by first party (which is considered as self-declaration) second party ( Getting a consensus from all the parties that have some sort of interest in the organization such as customers, clients, employees, stakeholders, government etc.) , a third party which is fully independent ( for example a certification body)
  • Primarily the ISO 20121: 2012 has been introduced and then designed to address the importance of improved sustainability throughout the existence or working of the organisation. Sustainability is the present and future. It is of utmost importance for all the organization to accept the fact as soon as possible to be able to be a part of the race. Throughout the cycle of event management, the ISO standard helps in keeping a proper vigilance on the working as well as the points which mention about areas of improvement.

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