ISO 24510:2007

Water does form an important element in our lives. It is one of the key important things which keeps a human body alive. We need water for almost everything starting from drinking water, cleaning, electricity etc. Due to excess of depletion of resources and global warming, there is a tremendous shortage of water. We have even started to waste a huge quantity of water without realising the after-effects of it. For the same reason to throw light on this issue, ISO 24510:2007 was introduced.

What is ISO 24510:2007?

The ISO 24510:2007 specifies the core elements present in the drinking water and in all the wastewater services for the relevant users. It provides proper and relevant guidance in terms of identifying the needs of the users and coping up with their expectations. Finally planning a way out to meet the targets effectively and efficiently.

The ISO 24510:2007 provides a number of advantages such as:

  • The interest of Business Community: The ISO 24510: 2007 international standard helps in properly identifying the community interest which helps in determining the society needs and the personal company needs.
  • Stake Holders Interest: The ISO standard helps in identifying the benefits which the stakeholders of the company would receive and properly allocates the resources.

It helps in bringing out a bigger picture by aligning to different committees by aligning to the ISO strategies. ISO helps in guiding all the principles towards a common direction to achieve the water quality. This, in turn, helps in achieving the final aims and objectives.

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