ISO 50001:2011

Problem with Energy Consumption in the globe:

Organisations spend huge sums of money on the consumption of energy. But energy resources have been extremely scarce on our planet which is a matter of severe concern. Another concern is the price volatility which has been a source of trouble for the business. Due to this, managing and conserving a huge amount of energy has become the trending lifestyles of the industry. There has been a large amount of attention given to saving energies for a better future.

What is ISO 50001?

For the same purpose, IS0 50001 was set up. ISP 50001 supports the organisations of all the sectors thoroughly to use the energy resources efficiently and effectively with the help of (EnMS)- energy management system. IS0 50001 runs on a continuous management model which aims at regular improvement. It overall makes the organisations apply energy conservation in an easier and efficient way. It helps the organisation to integrate the energy management in the overall running of the organisation which in return helps in improving the quality as well.

ISO 50001 gives a framework to the organisations to:

  • Brainstorm and develop a thorough policy for the efficient and effective use of energy.
  • Fix the various objectives and targets in such a manner which incline towards achieving maximum business targets in coordination with the use of energy.
  • Use the research and the raw data to make decisions which will help in efficient and informed decisions.
  • Measure the results properly to seek a comparison.
  • Do a thorough review of how the policies worked and what all changes are needed.

ISO 50001 certification is obtained through a formal assessment by an accredited certification body. This assessment includes reviewing documentation, conducting site visits, and interviews to ensure that the organization's energy management system complies with ISO 50001 requirements.

By implementing ISO 50001, organizations can achieve not only energy efficiency and cost savings but also demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible energy management.

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