ISO 37500:2014

About ISO 37500:2014

ISO 37500:2014 in an organization, outsourcing plays a very important role. Be it from the client's end or the service providers end, outsourcing helps both the parties in providing quality services. For the same purpose, the ISO 37500:2014 was introduced.

What is ISO 37500:2014?

ISO 37500:2014 covers all the steps which are used in the outsourcing business. Starting from the main phase, the processes and all the government aspects involved. The standard provides a very strong foundation to help the organizations to enter into a continuous solution driver process. It helps in providing a successful outsourcing arrangement throughout the contract.

ISO 37500:2014 guides the following:

  • It helps in identifying the risk which the organization might undergo while going through the outsourcing process.
  • Helps in identifying the mutually benefitted relationships which will benefit the organization.
  • Helps in providing effective governance for outsourcing which mutually benefit the clients as well as the service providers.
  • It helps the organization in recognizing the right time and the right people to outsource and defines the flexibility of outsourcing.
  • Finally, it helps the organization to get accustomed to the ever-changing business processes. During outsourcing, a company undergoes massive changes, in this case, the standard helps it to adjust.

ISO 37500:2010


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