The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) is a globally recognized standard for the railway industry, specifically focusing on the quality management systems of companies operating within this sector. IRIS is based on the ISO 9001 quality management standard but includes additional requirements tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the railway industry.

Key points about the IRIS standard:

  • Purpose: IRIS was developed to improve the quality, reliability, and safety of products and services within the railway industry. It helps organizations in this sector demonstrate their commitment to meeting customer requirements and regulatory standards.
  • Additional Requirements: In addition to the core requirements of ISO 9001, IRIS includes specific requirements relevant to the railway industry. These additional requirements cover areas such as safety, risk management, reliability, and supplier management.
  • Scope: The standard applies to various companies and organizations involved in the railway industry, including manufacturers of railway equipment, components, and systems, as well as companies providing maintenance and service for railway vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Certification: Companies can seek certification to the IRIS standard through audits conducted by accredited certification bodies. Achieving IRIS certification demonstrates a company's adherence to high-quality standards within the railway industry.
  • Collaborative Effort: The development of IRIS involved collaboration among railway industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, operators, suppliers, and regulatory bodies. This collaborative approach ensures that the standard reflects the industry's specific needs and concerns.
  • Improvement Focus: IRIS emphasizes continual improvement, encouraging organizations to monitor and enhance their processes, products, and services over time. This aligns with the broader goal of ensuring safe and efficient rail transportation.
  • Global Recognition: While originally developed in Europe, IRIS has gained recognition and acceptance on a global scale. Many railway companies and organizations around the world use IRIS as a framework for enhancing their quality management systems.

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