ISO 14046:2014

Environment plays a very important role. Environment forms the basis of our surroundings and it becomes really important to keep a close look at our surroundings and keep it safe and clean.

What is ISO 14046:2014?

ISO 14046: 2014 it specifies all the requirements of the principles and guidelines which relate to the water footprints of the products, the various processes and the organisations which are based on the life cycle assessment (LCA).

The ISO 14046: 2014 provides a proper framework and guidelines for conducting proper research on reporting a water footprint assessment, which is considered as a stand-alone assessment or sometimes even a part of a way more comprehensive assessment of the environment.

In the assessment, the air and soil emissions which have an impact on the water quality are included. A very specific of these elements are included and not all soil and air. The results which are attained from the waterproof assessment is a single value or considered as a profile to impact upon the indicator results.

Reporting is very much considered in the scope of ISO 14046:2014. However, communication of the footprints of the water results in the form of labels or the declaration is not considered in the scope of the standard.

The standard acts as a practical guide to giving information regarding environmental hazards. Moreover, it also provides some very effective solutions to sustainable use of water which is based on the various practices of the international standards. It becomes very important for each and everyone to follow these practices to save the environment.


Water Footprint Components:

  • Blue Water Footprint: The volume of freshwater consumed from surface water and groundwater resources.
  • Green Water Footprint: The volume of rainwater consumed, usually related to agricultural processes.
  • Grey Water Footprint: The volume of freshwater required to assimilate pollutants and maintain water quality standards.

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