ISO Training

Training is an integral and continuous part of a company’s growth. The employees of the company need to stay up-to-date with the current industry standards in order to propel growth in the organisation. We at Ascent Inspecta, provide in house trainings to the organisations based on their operating sector. Some of the training programmes include -

Six Sigma

This training includes the tools and techniques knows as Six Sigma for overall process improvement. This is achieved by identifying and removing the causes of defects in the business processes. The training includes the understanding of the concepts and the methodology used to apply in the organisation. At Ascent Inspecta, these trainings are conducted for the organisations by our competent trainers in the field of Six Sigma.


The 5s methodology constantly strives to create a stable environment which is organised, safe, hygienic. The training includes, understanding of the techniques, steps and methodology that is required by the employees to follow to have an improved workplace. The training is conducted with the help of lectures and exercises in combination which helps the trainees to understand the ability of 5s to improve efficiency, reducing waste and increased cleanliness at workplace.

Internal Audit Training

As soon as the organisation gets certified by any of the ISO Standard certification, they need to regularly check their compliance to the required standards. Many of the organisations need the competent auditors who can drive improvements and bring knowledge about the best practices. Their in-house auditors need to be competent enough to conduct these audits. We at Ascent Inspecta, provide training by our Lead Auditors also niche in the respective ISO Standard. The content and delivers ensures that the knowledge and techniques are successfully imparted in the attendees.

ISO Awareness Training

We at Ascent Inspecta, provide ISO Awareness Training to the organizations to help them understand and introduce the (ISO) standardization. It gives an insight idea about the infrastructure, procedures and the development processes. On successful completion of the training, the trainees can understand the basic concepts, the requirements of ISO Certifications, the benefits and the approach to the implementation.

Risk Analysis Training

We at Ascent Inspecta, provide Risk Analysis Training to the organizations to help them understand and align their awareness aligned with ISO 9001:2015. The training includes the detailed information about the practical reasons for conducting risk assessments. In addition, the trainees learn the hazards at work, harm and control measures. Based on the type of organisation, the training material also has the control measures needed to reduce the possibility of any accident occurring at the workplace.

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