GWP (Global Warming Protection)

GWP (Global Warming Protection) is a measurable unit which measures the quantity of heat which a greenhouse gas can trap into the atmosphere up to time horizon about the carbon dioxide. GWP, helps in comparing the amount of heat which is trapped by a certain section of gasses present in comparison to the heat which is trapped by the very similar means of the carbon dioxide. This is expressed as the various factors of the carbon dioxide (whose GWP is standardized to 1).

The GWP depends on a certain fixed factor such as:

  • The various species and the atmospheric lifeline of that particular species.
  • The location of the absorbing wavelengths
  • The absorption of the radiations by a few given sets of species.

However, a very high GWP signifies a very huge infrared absorption and a very long atmospheric lifetime. GWP’s dependency on the wavelength of absorption is far more complicated than it looks.

Calculations of GWP:

GWPs are a type of simple indexes which is primarily based on the radiative properties which estimates the potential impacts of the future of the emissions from different gasses during the climate system in the very relative sense.

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