ISO 29990:2010

What is ISO 29990:2010 Certification?

ISO 29990:2010 is an international standard that provides guidelines for designing, developing, and delivering non-formal education, training, and development services. It specifically focuses on quality management systems for education and training organizations, aiming to ensure that these organizations meet the needs of learners and other stakeholders.

Here are some principal highlights about ISO 29990:2010:

  • Scope: ISO 29990 applies to all types of training and education organizations, regardless of their size or location. It covers both private and public organizations that offer education and training services.
  • QMS (Quality Management System): The standard outlines the requirements for establishing a QMS for education and training organizations. This QMS is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization's processes related to education and training.
  • Focus on Learner Needs: ISO 29990 places significant emphasis on meeting the needs of learners and other stakeholders. The organization needs to identify and understand the expectations of learners and tailor its services to meet those expectations.
  • Development and Design of Programs: The standard provides guidelines for designing and developing education and training programs. This includes defining learning objectives, selecting appropriate methods and resources, and evaluating the effectiveness of the programs.
  • Competence of Personnel: ISO 29990 emphasizes the importance of having competent staff, trainers, and instructors. Organizations must ensure that their personnel possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and skills to deliver effective education and training.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring: Continuous improvement is a main aspect of ISO 29990. Education and training organizations are required to regularly monitor and evaluate their programs and services to identify areas for improvement and take corrective actions.
  • Documentation: The standard also addresses documentation and record-keeping requirements. This includes maintaining records related to program design, development, delivery, and evaluation.
  • Certification Process: Organizations that want to demonstrate their compliance with ISO 29990 can undergo a certification process. Certification is typically performed by accredited certification bodies that assess whether the organization's quality management system meets the standard's requirements.

ISO 29990:2010


It's important to note that ISO 29990:2010 is just one of many ISO standards related to quality management and organizational processes. If you're considering pursuing ISO certification or implementing the guidelines outlined in ISO 29990, it's recommended to seek guidance from experts in quality management systems and relevant certification bodies to ensure a successful implementation process.

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